Monday, October 14, 2013


     The materials and finishes specified for the first floor of the Camp Activity Center must have sustainable features as well as functioning beautifully.  Growing awareness of green design and the desire for properties to achieve LEED ratings has meant that more products are being produced with sustainable features, yet finding the right material can still present a considerable challenge.

     The most obvious feature in the Activity Center is the use of whole tree architecture.  This form was adapted in America by Roald Gunderson and utilizes full-form trees that have often been reclaimed from urban areas, parks,  or national forests.  The technique qualifies for LEED credits in materials and resources, rapidly renewable sources, regional materials, and certified wood.

The Lipse Stackable Chair from Davis Furniture has selected for its clean, modern lines and the fact that it is Indoor Advantage Gold Certified for its low VOC finishes.

The Wheelchair Accessible Butcher Block Table by Hausmann  also earns the Indoor Advantage Gold Certification for its low VOC finish and features a hank crank to adjust its height.  The thick natural maple top can hold more than 300 pounds.

  The floors of the Activity Center are extremely important because they must not only be easy to maintain under heavy traffic, but also serve as way finding tools for the visually impaired campers.
Armstrong Commercial Natural Linoleum with Naturcote was selected  in two contrasting colors for its durability and its unique sustainable features.   The material is naturally sustainable and 100% USDA Certified Biobased.  It is also 35% pre-consumer recycled content and 36% rapidly renewal materials.  The Naturcote finish is low VOC.

     An interesting fact about this flooring is that it is produced
from an original linoleum formula developed in 1909.  It contains linseed oil, wood powder, and jute backing.  It is amazing to realize that a product more than 100 years old has surged to the forefront of modern sustainable design.  It proves that technology must sometimes look back to move forward!      
Flooring also plays a major part in the design of the raised stage
and prop room.  Natural bamboo planking from EcoTimber was selected because it is sustainablely  produced and is finished with low VOC varnishes.  Its light color provides a good contrast from the darker linoleum and makes it easier for vision-impaired campers to see the edge of the stage.

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