Sunday, October 13, 2013

Camp Activity Center First Floor

     The floor plan for the first level of the Camp Activity Center is now complete and the concept is beginning to take shape.  When you enter the front door, the first things that you will notice are the trees.  Eight real tree trunks, complete with natural branches encircle the large open activity area, leading the eye toward a great Douglas Fir that rises majestically up through an opening into the second floor.   Contrasting way-finding paths lead from the door down both sides of the building, guiding campers to their destinations. Way-finding symbols and Braille labels are found on the trees as well to aid vision impaired campers as they navigate the large open spaces where canes may not be helpful.  On the right is the nurse's office, located close to the front door for easy access.  Two barrier-free bathrooms are next to the office, easily reached by campers in the activity area.  On the left hand side, a raised barrier-free stage framed by whole trees and equipped with wheelchair ramp faces the activity area.  A prop room with dressing and makeup areas  joins the stage and continues down the side of the building.   
    The center of Activity Center has tables and seating for thirty campers, including two tables that are wheelchair accessible.  The space is open to allow for a wide range of activities and projects.  The tables encircle the Great Tree, which inspires the creative spirit.  Storage bins for each camper are located on the back wall and a storage cabinet with a sink is positioned on the left wall for quick clean-ups.  The activity area has  easy access to the back door and an elevator to the second floor.  In all, the first floor provides a safe, comfortable environment for children of all abilities to express themselves.

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