Saturday, October 12, 2013

Camp Activity Center Concept Statement

Work has begun in ernest on the concept statements for the Camp Activity Center.  A concept statement is not always easy to define, yet it is the foundation on which a project is built.  We began by brainstorming and creating a mood board to help refine our feeling about this project.  The mood board is a collage of pictures, colors, and textures that express our emotions regarding the Activity Center and its goals.

 The camp name "Awerika" is the Iroquois word for their nation, meaning literally "We Are Here in Unity".  The camp will stress the unity of the campers with each other and the greater world, regardless of their disabilities.  

 The concept will incorporate design principals and elements and such as rhythm, variety, shape, scale, and texture as it is expressed in organic materials.  The result will be uplifting and positive, designed to display the marvel of the natural world while revealing the inner strength that lives in us all.

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