Thursday, May 2, 2013

Spring Semester is finished and one of my favorite projects from Introduction To Interiors is ready for presentation!  The project consisted of designing a gender-neutral cupcake shop for fictitious owner Matthew Dwyer.   The assignment really appealed to me since my husband Walter and I spent 20 years operating a donut and cake shop.

As you walk through the door of Dwyer’s SugarRush, you will experience a treat to both the eye and the sweet tooth.  Your attention is grabbed immediately by the stainless steel and bamboo veneer dropped ceiling arching over the cash wrap with its sleek, modern showcases filled with gourmet cupcakes.  To the right is seating for 26 guests, encompassing three arched, circular stainless steel and bamboo veneer booths, a modern table with matching chairs, and a lounge area featuring modern resin settees and tables beneath a breathtaking circular arch.  A short hallway leads to the bathrooms and back exit door.  Through the door behind the cash wrap is the 350 square foot kitchen, with walk-in refrigerator and freezer units connected to minimize the loss of cold air during use.  A convenient office space is tucked into the left hand corner. A side door allows discreet passage to the back door for trash removal.