Monday, November 4, 2013

Camp Second Floor Floorplan

     The second floor space plan is now complete for the Camp Activity Center.  One would think that designing this space to be barrier-free would be the most difficult portion of this project, but marrying a living space with an executive office and conference room on the second floor was very demanding due to tight space requirements.  The project specified that the living space needed to be approximately 1100 square feet, leaving little room for the office areas.  It took creativity (and a lot of patience) to arrange the rooms in the allowed space.

      The second floor is entered through either an outside staircase or an elevator located on the first floor.   A private hallway connects the executive office and the conference room, encircling the massive tree trunk that rises from the first floor Activity Area.  A door in the hall leads to the living quarters, which can also be accessed through the second floor front balcony.  The living Quarters include a kitchen, living/dining area, master bedroom and bath, a half bath with laundry, and a guest bedroom/den.  As with the first floor,  sustainable features were required in the furnishings and finishes of the offices and living quarters.  All rooms feature carpets and flooring produced with rapidly sustainable fibers and all furniture is produced from either sustainably produced or recycled wood products and finished with low VOC varnishes to improve indoor air quality.  It was refreshing to see the large selection of furniture that is now being produced with green considerations.  The furnishings are very compatible with the tree theme which begins on the first floor and is carried throughout the living quarters and office areas.  The result is a relaxing environment that reflects the respect for nature that the camp itself strives to foster.