Thursday, December 12, 2013

     The final project of the fall semester is Mary's House a live-in group home in Greensboro, NC for drug/alcohol  addicted mothers and their children.  Mary's House is one of the few facilities in North Carolina that allows children to remain with their mothers as they strive to free themselves from the grip of addiction.
     The project involved teams of students who selected individual rooms in Mary's House and gave them a much-needed facelift.  Each room had a $20,000 budget.  The work was then combined into one presentation for Craig Thomas, executive director of Mary's House and interior designer Betsey Isley.  This presentation will be used to raise funds and acquire donations to make the recommended improvements.  The presentation will also be submitted later  this spring to a contest for non-profit design, sponsored by HDTV.  Winning non-profits will receive $20,000.00 to upgrade their facilities.   
     My room was the kitchen, which must be configured as a commercial restaurant facility due to the particular status of Mary's House.  My teammate Kaylan Providence and I made a number of changes to make the existing kitchen easier to clean and provided more storage and work surfaces.  

     The new floor plan and a list of changes made to the room.
  The new tile walls include the colors of milk matte, cookie, goldfish, zest, splash, and teal agate.

                                          Furnishings and Finishes Schedule with Pricing